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Megan Paluzzi

A tiny woman who packs a punch!

[Insert quirky one liner here and hope they keep reading]

Hey there! My name is Megan Paluzzi and I am an actress, singer, activist, and wounded healer based in the Greater Boston area. More importantly, I am my beagle's favorite human (her name is Jackie O)..

You're probably asking "What's a wounded healer?" Or maybe you were really asking "Can I see a picture of your dog?" Either way, I got you to keep reading, didn't I? If all you wanted was to see Jackie O., she is at the bottom of this page. What a star.

I fell in love with theatre watching golden age musicals with my grandmother. I knew performing was what I was meant to do. Unfortunately, I had horrible generalized anxiety disorder! Nevertheless, I persisted, studied as hard as I could, and took advantage of every opportunity presented to me to become the strong performer I am today. Who knew what terrified me to death could be so healing at the same time? I was fortunate enough to have amazing public school arts teachers that encouraged me to sing out and express my quirky self. I continued with theatre through college at the Theatre Institute at Sage, honing my skills as both an artist and wounded healer.

"Wait, but you never explained what 'wounded healer' means!" Nice catch. A "wounded healer" is an individual who dedicates themselves to healing others despite the wounds that they have, themselves. I grew up facing several challenges that no one else could see: depression, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, OCD... but the arts were my escape. It was through telling others' stories that I became able to write my own. As a teenager, sharing my own story as a mental health activist in schools across Massachusetts showed me that storytelling is the ultimate method of human connection and strength.

I went to Russell Sage College in Troy, NY, to study Creative Arts in Therapy with a concentration in Theatre and a minor in Sociology (yeah, that's a mouthful). I was able to combine my two passions of psychology and artistry to fulfill my purpose of helping others with similar stories to my own. I then got my Masters in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology (I like long degree names) from Southern New Hampshire University because I'm (1) a dork and (2) always looking to strengthen my skills as a mental health professional.


Everyday I am so thankful to have the ability to pursue both of my passions, connect with new people, and just sing out loud!

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